A co-op program that benefits everyone

A new way for farmers to profit from the CBD oil industry

The laws are changing rapidly in Canada in terms of medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and the hemp industry. HempSana is in the business of processing hemp into CBD oil. This oil has shown to have amazing properties for healing, relaxing and assisting in the recovery of the human body. Unlike THC found in the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t get you high.

Our farmers’ co-ops grow hemp for its flowers and leaves. In the 2019 growing season, for the first time, farmers will then be able to harvest the flower and leaves and work together with HempSana (license pending) to produce CBD oil.

Benefits to farmers

We are setting up processing facilities in partnership with farmers, governments and local businesses in forward thinking municipalities. Farmers become a member of a for-profit co-op. HempSana will set up the co-op, operate the facility, take care of the upstream relationships with product and medical producers, and share the benefits with the co-op members.

Benefits to local municipalities

A processing plant will require workers, both skilled and general labour. Skilled workers will involve lab technicians, biologists, biotech specialists, quality assurance professionals, marketing professionals for domestic and foreign markets, engineers for specialized equipment, and horticulture specialists.Our farmers’ co-ops grow hemp for its flowers and leaves. The availability of raw CBD oil can create opportunities for entrepreneurs in the area for manufacturing of finished CBD infused goods as the laws in Canada progress.